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Gerry Forster

The Land of No Horizon book review

Before you make any further pronouncements regarding either the hollow Earth or the ancient origin of mankind on the surface of our planet, or even embark upon any journeys in search of evidences of same, I urge you all to obtain and read the book:"The Land Of No Horizon", a masterly work of extremely careful scientific research and applied logic written by Kevin and Matt Taylor, of New South Wales, Australia.

I have just finished reading their amazingly well-reasoned and totally convincing book regarding the original home of our human species, and I sincerely believe that it will completely change and revolutionize your current thinking (as it has my own) on the often scorned idea of there being a hollow and inhabited inner world inside our planet. And, in fact, that all the other planets, whether rocky or gaseous, in our Solar System also have, or began with, similar hollow centres!

This compelling book will hold you spellbound from cover to cover, and it will also make a most tremendous companion volume for Jan Lamprecht's "Hollow Planets" on the bookshelf of any seriously-thinkers among your group. The authors have spent 12 years in its preparation, and, believe me, not a day of those years of deeply dedicated toil was wasted!

I can only describe "The Land Of No Horizon" as a "tour de force" of authoritative writing on this extremely difficult and often ridiculed subject. I would expect to see a veritable tidal wave of favourable reaction to this excellent book from both intellectual scientific thinkers and the ordinary lay public alike!

To read about and order your copy of this book, go to the website below:

And before anyone asks, let me add that all the above is NOT a solicited testimonial! I just know the truth when I read it! So get the book!

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