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Book objectives

There are two main objectives in The Land of No Horizon. The first is to provide an answer. Second is to present the facts in a format everyone can understand. This way The Land of No Horizon stands alone.

These objectives are achieved by examining the evidence with an open mind. The book also carefully analyses numerous theories and other concepts considered as fact today. Inconceivable flaws in our understanding are revealed immediately. Flaws that when resolved, lead logically to the book's decisive and exciting conclusion. The conclusion discloses both how and why the inner Earth holds the secret to the origins of humanity.

The Land of No Horizon has been written for everyone. It is not designed solely for those with "scientific minds". The evidence is carefully analysed and then evaluated in its entirety. This combined with simple logic provides not only the answer, but also stimulates the need for further investigation.

There is no need for the overcomplicated scientific explanations frequently encountered in other publications. More than 80 diagrams have been used throughout the book. They have been designed to both simplify information, and provide a visual interpretation. These features, together with a suitably planned writing style, produce a book that is not only in touch but also easy to follow and understand.

The Land of No Horizon begins by asking a series of questions; How much does each of us really understand about the world around us? Is what we accept as fact drawn from our own conclusions or are they the conclusions and beliefs of others? Is it true that we tend to accept scientific proposals without fully understanding them? Perhaps they have just been too complicated for us to question.

To help, The Land of No Horizon identifies and clarifies each of the mysteries. It does this by eliminating the confusion created by complex scientific explication. The diagrams are self-explanatory. They add a visual interpretation to the facts presented that is both informal and easy to follow. By keeping things simple The Land of No Horizon is successful in delivering its conclusions. Simplicity is the key.

The question addressed by The Land of No Horizon is why are there so many mysteries?

All things in the universe are interconnected as one endless working network. The same is true for all our mysteries. Each is simply a working part of the interconnected network. Our book shows how we are not confronted by numerous mysteries at all. We are in fact confronted with just one.

It is necessary to understand this first.

Our flawed interpretation of how the interconnected network is structured is the source of all our mysteries. The book likens it to an endless jigsaw puzzle where all pieces have their place. If any piece doesn't appear to fit, it is because our understanding of the interconnected structure is not completely correct.

It is not possible to see the completed picture until all pieces have been inserted correctly. When one considers the sheer number of miss fitting pieces before us, it is obvious we have something fundamentally wrong.

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