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About the authors

We, a father and son team, Kevin J. Taylor and Matthew J. Taylor, the coauthors of The Land of No Horizon are pleased to announce the outcome of our rigorous 12 year project.

This venture was motivated by questions raised over the sheer number of mysteries around us.

For us, we always had difficulty comprehending the level of complacency expressed towards such major unexplained issues. All things have an answer. Because of this, it is wrong to accept we will never know.

We were amazed how often, scientific theories claimed as solutions, were both flawed and so overcomplicated that it was virtually impossible for anyone to understand them.

These factors inspired us to begin our own investigation.

It is the outcome of this we wish to share with our readers.

After such a long journey one realises the importance of supplying not only answers, but also the understanding behind them. Ideas on their own fall a long way short of being near enough. For that very reason, the information we have provided has been backed with essential supporting evidence.

We trust you will enjoy The Land of No Horizon as much as we did composing it, and share in the excitement of the many incredible facts previously not known to humanity.

It's time to change the world forever...

About our book

The Land of No Horizon
The Land of No Horizon
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"The truth has its rewards."