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Book content

The first section discloses the type of information contained in The Land of No Horizon. This includes such things as the Table of contents, the Back cover text and the subject matter discussed within the 17 chapters.

Book objectives

Here we express the aims and goals that our book is set out to achieve. The Land of No Horizon is a logical book structured using common sense. Scientific evidence adds both vital credibility and ease of understanding for everyone.

Book specifications

This is a quick table of book specifications such as printing format, its size, weight, number of pages etc.

About the authors

Here we reveal a little about ourselves - As a father and son team we share our experiences in the creation of The Land of No Horizon.

Book reviews

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About our book

The Land of No Horizon
The Land of No Horizon
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Random book quote

"One simple misunderstanding from our past is responsible for the countless unknowns of today."