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Floods on Mars - Evidence proves that water once flowed across the martian surface

Transmitted images on Mars reveal surface features not only eroded by celestial impacts and atmospheric conditions but something else quite unexpected.

The Martian surface has been eroded by flowing water.

This discovery has created a perplexing problem for investigating scientists.

Chaotic terrain

Atmospheric pressure on Mars is known to be too low to support water in its liquid form. On Earth, liquid oceanic expanses are able to exist because of the high pressure atmospheric environment present. With a rarefied atmosphere, 100th that of Earth's, water eroded regions on Mars seemingly defy explanation.

Ground water seepage

Furthermore, numerous images confirm the volume of water involved was by no means minimal. Broken blocks in the planet's surface crust mark the point where the full width of the flood emerged. From here a path appears to have been carved for hundreds of kilometres across the dry Martian surface. Many channels are fretted with tributaries. Elsewhere erosion has occurred as water flowed down from higher ground.

It appears, Mars has suffered a great flood.

So far, all theories proposed to solve this mystery, fail miserably in offering any kind of solution as to how and why such a volume of liquid water would exist in the rarefied atmosphere on Mars.

Drainage networks

With no answer to offer, this great mystery simply reflects obvious flaws in our understanding of the universe around us. What we accept as factual just isn't. The truth is; evolving planets including both Mars and Earth are structured differently to that believed. Correct understanding clarifies how inner planetary structure can support sufficient atmospheric pressure and sometimes liquid water.

The land of No Horizon examines the evidence in a different way. Using common sense combined with easy to understand text, it supports its theories. It reveals the many flaws that exist in proposed concepts and preconceived judgements. The Land of No Horizon explains how these accepted assumptions have stood in the way of solving not only the flood on Mars but so many other anomalies. Exploring all the evidence provides both the essential clue and a new and surprising outcome. The flood on Mars and the reported Great Flood on Earth share a common link.


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